If you’re traveling to Electronic Family from abroad, we have a couple of tips for you that’ll definitely make this the best trip of 2017. Check out our 6 tips for travelers!

Pick a festi-bestie

Everything is more exciting if you share it with a friend. But choose wisely. Which one of your friends is up to the task of being your ultimate festival friend? Someone who shares your taste in music, will get you a drink every once in a while and most importantly, someone you can laugh your ass off with.Two best friends at Electronic Family

Book & plan your journey

Thoroughly planning your trip can provide a lot of fun beforehand and it makes sure you arrive at the festival well prepared. Make sure you pack all the right stuff (phone, passport, money and an impeccable outfit are most important), and get in the mood by listening to music of the artists that play at Electronic Family. It al starts with a plan and we’ve got you covered when it comes to a nights rest. Book your travel package or your spot at the campsite here!

There’s more than music

Electronic Family brings the best trance DJs from all over the world to Den Bosch, but there’s so much more! Enjoy our beach, the delicious food, the chill areas (with hammocks!) and cocktails to share with your friends. Girl on a swing at Electronic Family

Bring your camera

You’ll most likely never forget a trip like this, but we still advise you to bring your camera. Before you know it the week full of laughter, party and madness will be over and pictures will help you make sense of what happened and put the pieces together afterwards.

Take care of your stuff

If you bring you camera and other valuable stuff, make sure you put it away safe. Don’t carry around large amounts of cash money and always pay attention to your surroundings.

Have fun!

Obviously the most important of all. If everything goes as planned it’s a logical outcome of Electronic Family! This’ll be a weekend to remember for the rest of your life. Make it legendary.

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  1. Frank Drewenskus

    Looking forward to THE festival of the year!!!


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