Kings of the nicknames

“Pharaohs of trance”, “Egyptian gods”, Aly & Fila must be the artists in trance with the very best nicknames. This summer they will perform at Electronic Family: The Gathering, so we thought it might be time to prepare you for the madness to come. We will update you about the latest news regarding Aly & Fila and about what’s to come.

Aly & Fila in action

In April Aly & Fila played a memorable set at Panama, Amsterdam. In this open to close set, Fila (the traveler of the duo) started off with some slower progressive tracks, which not everyone directly expects to come from Aly & Fila. It was the perfect way to get in the mood for a great night in which Aly & Fila really delivered. Visitors’ reactions went through the roof! This set is the perfect way to prepare for the closing set Aly & Fila will play at Electronic Family this summer. Listen to it right here:”>


Ever since the Egyptian duo released the legendary track “Eye of Horus”, they made a lot of great tracks. Every trancer recognizes their style right now. Very often the classics Aly & Fila made are part of their DJ-sets, so expect to hear some of those at Electronic Family too! Music-wise the quality gets bigger at every performance. The biggest reason for this is the start of their own FSOE-label back in 2009. This meant the biggest boost Aly & Fila had in their whole career and brought them to where they are now: at the top of the trance scene.

A sure thing is that Aly & Fila will be an awesome closing act of Electronic Family: The Gathering this summer. If you want to prepare for their set in the most ultimate way, you should definitely listen to the amazing set Aly & Fila played last year.

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