The whole package

Is it the signature basslines, brilliant melodies or the perfect cover he did of “Barbie Girl” at ASOT which define who Orjan Nilsen is? We just think this guy has the full package of a great artist. His music is awesome, he is hard working and one of the nicest persons you will ever meet.

From Red woods to now

Ever since his first release, “Red woods”, Orjan Nilsen has been evolving his sound. This resulted in bangers like “Between the rays” and “So long radio”. One of his most important releases however, will always be “La Guitarra”. This song, was made in memory of his brother, who sadly passed away.

Orjan Nilsen = Success

After all these years we can definitely say that Orjan Nilsen is a synonym for success. His music is top class and the high energy livesets are special every time again. Expect some pure quality when this guy is playing at Electronic Family: The Gathering this year!