Duo to solo

RAM is one of the stabilities in the trance scene. Until 2009 the Dutch DJ was part of the duo Bas & Ram, but then the Dutch DJ and producer started to go his own way and harvest from the seeds he planted together with Bas. His first release was RAMsterdam; Tune of the Year at ASOT.

Loss and music

In 2013 RAM tragically lost his wife, Amelia. Where a lot of people would throw the towel in such a situation, RAM decided that he wanted to come out even stronger. Together with Susana he made RAMelia, an ode to his wife. It became a beautiful track with a huge impact on the whole trance scene.

Up to now

RAM constantly seems to deliver high quality tracks and since RAMelia a lot of great tracks followed. This year he will show his skills at Electronic Family: The Gathering, for the 5th (!!) time in a row already. Every year he astonishes us with great sets, this year won’t be any different.

Listen to his latest tracks here: