Words come up short

“Airwave”, “Such is life”, “Beats at Rank-1 Dotcom”, there are no words to describe how big Rank 1 is. These Dutch guys rose to the top of the trance scene with their very first release and never really left.

Rank 1: The anthem machine

Besides regular productions, Rank 1 is also known for their great anthems. “Such is life” was the anthem for Sensation in 2001, while “L.E.D. there be light” was the anthem of Trance Energy, “Symfo” at Sunrise festival and “The great escape” (ft. ) was the anthem of enTrance in Poland.

As we said: words come up short when talking about Rank 1. Just come to Electronic Family: The Gathering and enjoy their music. For now, just listen to Rank 1’s great music right here: