They came, they saw…

They evolved to the gods of psy-trance. Vini Vici is an Israeli duo that was formed to show their love for the old school trance. Their success started in 2014, but 2015 got them to really great heights when Armin van Buuren Remixed “The Tribe”.

Off the charts

Everyone who is familiar with the Beatport charts, must have come across Vini Vici. In 2015 they even were the #1 psy-trance artist. Their track “Free Tibet” got 15.000.000 views on YouTube and it reached the #2 spot on the overall Beatport charts.

Make psy-trance great again

When in 2016 Armin van Buuren wanted to collaborate, Vini Vici knew that their goal came in sight. With his support psy-trance would go global, and that’s exactly what happened. “Great Spirit” gained over 1.000.000 views on youtube in 2 weeks and Vini Vici got where they belong: on the top of the psy-trance movement.

Make sure to witness them at Electronic Family: The Gathering! Prepare for this energetic duo right here: