What to expect from Orjan Nilsen at Electronic Family?

We all know Orjan Nilsen because of his unique style of music and sounds. If you hear one of the tracks, you immediately know it’s one of his. Still, Orjan Nilsen always surprises when he performs at a festival. What to expect this time?

The hardest part

The Norwegian earned a lot of respect with melodic tracks like Arctic Globe, La Guitarra, Violetta and So Long Radio. Lately though, Orjan Nilsen mostly produces bassline driven tracks, with a lot of energy and huge basslines. His latest track, The Hardest Part, takes us back to the more melodic times with a catchy and beautiful melody combined with Rykka’s lovely vocals. This new track already became the Track of the Week in Armin’s radio show A State Of Trance, which was the best present he could get for his 35th birthday.

Singer, reporter and DJ

After his awesome performance as an incognito reporter and singer of Barbie Girl at ASOT 800 Utrecht, a lot of people tend to forget that this guy is a great DJ too! 😉 At A State Of Trance Utrecht he played a huge set, with tracks like his remix of Just Be, Fair Game and Iconic. He took the energy level really through the roof, and that promises a lot for Electronic Family this year.

Orjan Nilsen can do anything

So what exactly can we expect of Orjan Nilsen at Electronic Family this summer? A lot! This guy knows how to produce a energetic track, but he’s also brilliant when it comes to melodies. With his repertoire he can fill his set with tracks he made in the past, but he also loves to surprise. Recently he announced on facebook that there is a lot of special material coming up for this summer, so we can’t wait!

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