From mister A State of Trance to Electronic Family Ambassador, Ruben De Ronde sure knows how to keep his progressive, trance, and chilled-out mindset in overdrive — with a fully packed summer ahead he’s clearly looking forward to next, stand out weekend coming up.. and who knows, it might include those long worthy strawberry waffles! If you ask us, a perfect time for some small talk to find out more…

We’ve understood there’s a big weekend coming up, can you share it with us?
Yeah! In between all the madness of the Ibiza and summer festivals, the next weekend really stands out. It starts with playing Tomorrowland on Friday, Electronic Family on Saturday and Sunrise in Poland on Sunday!

What are you looking forward to the most?
We just announced a crazy back 2 back 2 back 2 back set on the Mainstage of Electronic Family, that will be crazy!

Which festival vibe do you prefer and why, or is this difficult to compare?
It is a bit apples and pears. But I love wandering around festivals as well, if there is time, and check out artists that I have never heard of before. In all honesty I find that the REAL talented and surprising artists are the ones that perform earlier on the day.

Will you prepare any special sets and how would you describe your own style and DJ sets?Well, I have my back 2 back set with Genix, and we still need to get in touch about that haha! I describe my sets as progressive, yet energetic. I love seeing smiles on the dancefloor and that reflects in my sets.

Do you happen to have a special ritual before going on stage?
Haha, no I don’t have any rituals that I am aware off. But maybe I have them, but I just do them without noticing it myself.

What’s your favorite festival food?
Pizza! I remember at electronic family a few years back, they had warm waffles with strawberries. I wish you could get those everywhere.

What is your most memorable moment of former festival editions where you play that weekend?
There are too many to mention! I do remember the 5 years Electronic Family back2back set I did with Ben Gold. That was actually the first time that I didn’t have to open, so experienced the full craziness of a packed festival.

How did your passion for trance music develop?
I guess it’s just a link with the emotions it brings up. Whether it is a slow 120bpm progressive song, or a fast pace track that just does something to you. I have always loved how music manages to stir up your well-being.

Besides trance, which genre do you like to listen to and which song do you enjoy at the moment?
I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. I always see it like: you don’t eat a burger every day, or a pizza. As a producer it is good to see what other music is being made. I enjoy a lot of the releases on Monstercat for example, and personal favorite band ‘High As A Kite’

Any guilty pleasure songs you would like to share?
Hmmmmmm good one.. I still listen to a lot of songs by Maria Mena!

Choose one out of two:
– Radio or gig? Both!
– Vinyl or CDJ? CDJ, it has more possibilities
– Producer or DJ? Producer, and then play the tunes out?
– Analog or digital? Digital, because again, the workflow and possibilities
– Solo or B2b? Solo, but b2b are fun sometimes!
– National or International? International. The world is out there to explore!

Missed out on those demand Tomorrowland tickets but still ravenous to see one of Rubens energetic sets? No worries, you can still catch him on July 28th on this Electronic Family back2back set together with Genix.

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