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Why do I have to personalise my tickets?

All popular events are confronted with organisations and people that try to resell tickets for prices that are far too high. To prevent this, we ask the ticket buyer to personalise their tickets with the name of the persons who will attend the event. This way, all tickets are available for a fair price, unique and belong to an individual ticket recipient. This also gives us the opportunity to send relevant information about the event to the festival visitors.

 How do I personalise my tickets?

After purchasing your tickets you will receive an email confirmation of the ticket purchase. This email will not include your tickets yet. To receive your tickets you first have to personalise the tickets. In the email with the confirmation of your ticket purchase, you will receive further information on the personalisation process such as the date from which it is possible to personalise your tickets.

In case you haven’t received the confirmation mail by Paylogic or any reminder mail (note, this will be sent to the same email address as you used to order the tickets), please check your spam folder, or follow the steps below to find the order mail sent to you.

  1. Search your inbox for: ‘paylogic customer services’
  2. Open the mail titled: ‘Important! Additional information..’
  3. Open this email, scroll down and click on: ‘Click here to check the status of your order’
  4. Next, click on: ‘Add additional information’
  5. Now you can personalise your tickets and download them afterwards

For each ticket, personal information needs to be filled out such as the full name and email address of the person attending the event. Be aware the information has to be unique for each ticket and please use the names as mentioned in the identification documents (passport/ID card).

After filling out the information, you will receive your personalised tickets. If you have not received your tickets within 24 hours, please contact the Paylogic Customer Service via:

Till when do I have the time to personalise my tickets?

You do not have to personalise your tickets immediately; tickets can be personalised up to 24 hours before the event.

 I forgot to personalise my tickets, what can I do?

Tickets can be personalised up to 24 hours before the event. One week before the event, we will remind all ticket buyers who have not personalised their tickets yet by mail. In case you forgot to personalise your tickets up to 24 hours before the event you will be contacted by Paylogic.

I need to change the name on my ticket, what can I do?

In case the name on a ticket needs to be changed (because you want to invite someone else to the event), you can change the name on a ticket. Please note that a service fee of €5,- per ticket will be charged.

Should i bring an identification document to the event?

Yes, before entering the festival security can ask for identification to check your age the name on your ticket.

Please note that a copy of your identification document is not valid. If there is another name on your ticket, access to the event can be denied. The ticket will not be refunded.

Do you have any other questions related to tickets? Please contact the customer service of Paylogic via


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