Proud of an incredible line-up

The line-up of Electronic Family is complete! A grand total of more than 60 acts makes Electronic Family the biggest outdoor trance festival in the Netherlands ever. For the first time ever, Electronic Family will be a multiday event, with eight stages spread out across two days.

Full of firsts

Electronic Family has a lot of special moments that are worth mentioning. International renowned act ‘Gaia’ will give their first performance in 2017, for the first time ever there’ll be a Psy stage at Electronic Family and it’s the first time the festival spans out across a complete weekend!

This is it

Click on the image below to see the full line-up or go to the Electronic Family event page to see all the artists (and their bios).
line-up Electronic Family


  1. Dennis Zinsmeester

    Als dat niet dik word!!!
    De psy stage zal ook wel vet zijn….goed initiatief

  2. Alice Kunemund

    Can not buy tickets?

    This is what I get on my screen:
    “Something went wrong here. We are very sorry. Please try to go back by clicking the BACK button in your browser. If that doesn’t work, refresh your screen by pressing the REFRESH button in your browser.”

    Done the above mentioned suggestions… Didn’t work…


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