Markus Schulz, a friend to all

Markus Schulz is one of the artists everyone likes to see behind the decks. Last year, we were lucky enough to have him at Electronic Family. With his dark style and melancholic tracks, he always enchants everyone that’s listening. The sympathetic and passionate artist is a friend to all who love trance music.

Unicorn slaying

Where most artists tend to produce mostly uplifting trance music nowadays, Markus Schulz does exactly the opposite. With his tough basslines, dark melodies and raw synths he slays the so called “unicorn melodies” and creates his very own universe of sound. It gave him the legendary status of the Unicorn Slayer of the trance industry.

Last year’s set

Out of all the editions of Electronic Family, Markus Schulz just missed one. Every year he seems to be able to impress the crowd with his typical yet surprising sets. Last year was no exception. Right from the beginning he built to a huge climax, this set was exactly what we can expect from the unicorn slayer: dark, building tension and very raw. Music says more than a 1000 words though, so sit back or stand up, however you like it, and just listen to the set Markus Schulz played at Electronic Family 2016 right here:


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